Posted to Updates on November 28th, 2019

Version 3.1 Release Notes

New Features

Introducing Polonia, the Pirate Captain!

Arrr me hearties! Cap’n Polonia has dropped anchor nearby! Will her relentless quest for fame and plunder bring her to visit your shop?

This rowdy gun-wielding rogue has a penchant for booze, shanty and booty! Her Champion Skill is also completely unique; a chance to steal from monsters! Whenever Polonia or one of her mateys attacks, there is a chance that an equipment-type item will be stolen. The longer the battle, the more items are stolen, so she also provides her team with a bonus to Defense and Evasion to keep them fighting. There is no better Champion to keep your shop stocked!

Compared to other Champions, Polonia will visit your shop less than usual. To make up for it, she will offer more Champion Coins.

New Hero Classes

Three new powerful Hero classes are now available for advanced merchants to hire!

The Berserker

These brutish warriors really enjoy taking a beating and dishing it back in turn! Berserkers gain a sizeable Attack bonus the lower their HP drops, as well as an Evasion bonus to keep them fighting.

The Dancer

A mirror opposite to the Berserker, Dancers graciously avoid harm and counterattack with a stinging riposte! Whenever a Dancer dodges an attack, their next attack is guaranteed to be a critical hit.

The Geomancer

Wielding mastery over the latent energy of the surrounding terrain, the Geomancer is an Element specialist! It gains extra Attack from any equipped Element, though only Water will improve its skills.

Royalty Loyalty Program

How long have you been a Royal Merchant? With the Royalty Loyalty Program, you can now unlock additional rewards simply by being one! Rewards include a reduction to gold repair prices (up to 50%!) and an exclusive, regal shopkeeper outfit given by King Reinhold himself.

Users who have subscribed to the Royalty Program in the past will be automatically set to the appropriate reward tier upon updating.

Ads (beta)

Ad opportunities will be implemented into the game. These were designed to be rewarding, yet unobtrusive and optional. To ensure a smooth launch of this system, it will initially only be available in Brazil while we iron out the kinks.

We are also considering allowing an option to opt out of ads entirely, though doing this would also forfeit their rewards.

Other Changes

  • A new, winter themed song has been added to the shop’s soundtrack.
  • The “Blueprints Owned” stat tracked on the player profile has been replaced with “Blueprints Mastered”. Gotta work for it!
  • Updated the Hero Power Leaderboards to make inspecting Heroes easier.
  • Improved the display of many Hero skill descriptions.
  • Added tooltips and extra details to the Guild Perks screen to better explain the effects of the various upgrades and boosts.
  • After failing to enchant an item, it is now possible to make another attempt immediately with the tap of a button, if you have the required enchantment.

Balance Changes

  • Luxurious Raiments: Reduced worker level requirement. Reduced resource costs. Reduced base price very slightly from 405k to 400k, but it is now a beautiful round number. This is a buff.
  • Gourd Elixir: Increased Attack bonus.
  • Sia: Her champion skill now stacks better with other various bonuses to component quantity, making it much more effective. This change also applies to Loot Bugle booster items.
  • Spellblade: Reduced the Element required for the Spellblade’s innate skill rank 2 (from 50 to 30).
  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of Defense in mitigating damage.
  • Increased the quality, quantity and odds of items found during quests. A perfect match for our newest pirate gal.
  • Lowered the Guild Coin cost of resource packs by roughly half.
  • Updated the prestige value of most decorations.
  • Increased the frequency of worker visitors.
  • Slightly increased the quantity of items offered by worker visitors.
  • Increased the odds that Naya will sell you rare components during her shop visits. Also increased the amount of components offered.
  • Decreased the gem cost of all Hero classes.
  • Decreased the gem cost of later Hero slots.
  • The minimum level required to trade with gems on the tradehouse has increased from 20 to 25.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Guild Coins bar overlapping and hiding other bars, such as Energy.
  • Fixed and re-enabled Runestone bounties.
  • Fixed Discount/Surcharge bounties not counting sales made with items you don’t have the blueprint for.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Golden Chest from showing up on the market.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented players from backing out of the Event Reward screen.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent players from claiming rewards from the Fortune Zone store.
  • Fixed bug that would cause players to disconnect after unlocking a new blueprint.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from fulfilling certain Guild Request items (such as runestones and special items)
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from claiming Golden Artifacts if the total would match their exact max capacity.
  • Fixed item icons appearing blurry on reward screens
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading a multicrafted pair of items would not grant full progress towards bounties.
  • Fixed exceptional quality enchantments being impossible to request.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause completed bounty notifications to show up constantly.
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing some players from sending Rudo alongside another, specific Hero together on a quest.
  • Fixed a bug where bins and racks would not display their benefits correctly when combined with guild perks.
  • Locked items bought from customers for which you do not have the blueprint for will now be sent to storage rather than racks.