Posted to Updates on January 12th, 2021

Version 6.1.0 Release Notes

New Features


We added a new Full Moon Recipe : Blossoms! One for each type of magical seed, these special items can raise the maximum amount of Seeds a hero can consume!

Each Blossom increases the cap of its related Seed by 5, and a Hero can consume 8 Blossoms of each kind, for a new cap of 40 additional seeds.


We’ve added hotkeys for our Steam shopkeepers. When in the trading view you may use the following keys to interact with your customers!

  • Suggest: Q / NumPad 7
  • Discount: E /NumPad 9
  • Small Talk: S/ NumPad 4
  • Surcharge: F / NumPad 6
  • Refuse: Z / NumPad 1
  • Sell: C / NumPad 3
  • Wait: X / NumPad 0

Balance Changes

Rebalanced Town Hall

The Town Hall always stood out as an odd building, capping at a lower level than other buildings (17) and thus being proportionally more expensive to upgrade, since its total cost was the same as other buildings.

We’ve increased the maximum level of the Town Hall up to 20, bringing its upgrade thresholds to the same level as Tier 1 buildings. Levels 18, 19, and 20 of this improved Town Hall will increase the maximum Renown Weekly level that guild can reach, allowing bigger guilds to earn more renown.

Due to the change in required investments, many guilds will see themselves one Town Hall level ahead alongside an extra member slot. Good luck filling it!

Other Balance Changes

  • Improved the T9 Staff Transcendence which suffered with the introduction of T10. The second Ascension level now removes 2 Alloy Rings precraft, instead of one.
  • Reduced the overall Fusion time for quality fusions.
  • Mundra's Spirit effect will now apply to mini-bosses as well.
  • Experience received from Fusion will now scale with the quality of the item fused.

Other Changes

  • It is now possible to access the Basement menu by tapping the trapdoor next to the player’s shop.
  • It is now possible to access the Fusion menu from the Crafting menu and vice versa.
  • Caprices for item lines with the same resources type are now less likely to appear together.
  • With the arrival of Moonstones in the crafting tab, we did a bit of maintenance. The Crafting tab now holds a Stones category, containing both Runestones and Moonstones.
  • As part of the same change, Moonstones have been added to the list of possible caprices for the King’s Caprice Event.
  • Added a tooltip for Mundra's Spirit effect in the item details menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to fuse Legendary items for which you did not own the Blueprint for.
  • Fixed an issue where various Moonstones would appear in the third slot of the Fortune Zone.
  • Fixed partial missing textures for the Dress & Apron customization.
  • Fixed an issue with Santa's Helper Coiffe customization unequipping the player's facial hair.
  • Added missing divider between Moonstones and Enchantment categories in Craft menu when in landscape.
  • Fixed an issue where the “new” Moonstone notification was being displayed on Enchantment/Runestone tab instead.
  • Fixed an issue with King Reinhold rapidly cycling through his dialogs if the King's Caprice event ended while the menu was open.
  • Fixed an issue with new Antiques notification not being removed after closing the menu.
  • Fixed a minor display issue with the Goals tab.
  • Fixed the Resource Bins in Basement not showing the correct resource capacity.
  • Fixed an issue with the notification on the Basement icon not being properly removed after completing an upgrade.
  • Fixed misaligned text on the Champion Recruitment screen.
  • Fixed issue with last chest in Inventory not properly selling when fulfilling Market requests.
  • Fixed Mundra's Tabard clipping through the bottom of Racks.
  • Fixed Moonstones dropping from quests and other areas before unlocking Sondra and Fusion.
  • Fixed display issue with the Full Moon fusion unlock prompt if Mundra is not owned.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fusion button "+" icon not properly prompting you to purchase an extra slot.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fusion button displaying the "+" icon when maximum amount crafting slots has already been obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where Enchantments would show their stats after completing a Fusion.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect item count was being displayed when returning from Market in Fusion menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fusion details menu was displaying the incorrect fusion time for higher quality fusions.
  • Fixed issue with third milestone upgrade for Dra-Ko-Nu.
  • Fixed issue with Opulent Elixir not being properly designated a Chest Blueprint.