Collection Book & Vanity Gear Update
Version 7.0.0 Release Notes

New Features

The Collection Book

Collectors worldwide rejoice! The magical Collection Book is a brand new feature for completionists to flex their vast wealth of mastery across all items in the game. Acting not only as a convenient reference for all* blueprints in the game, it also accepts donations of items to fill its pages with knowledge. The Collection Book functions as follow:

  • Any mastered blueprint will have its page unlocked in the Collection Book, containing basic information pertaining to it.

  • Once a page is unlocked, one of each quality of this item can be donated to the book to fulfill your collection. Each such donation increases your collection score and reveals bonus information on that blueprint.

  • Bonus information includes many personal statistics for that item, such as amount sold, or its biggest sale**.

  • Donating all 5 qualities of an item completes the page, unlocking it as Vanity Gear! (see below)

Increasing your collection score unlocks multiple rewards! Expert collectors can look forward to unlocking the Archivist Glasses blueprint. The truly ambitious among them can aim for the top; the prestigious Tome of All-Knowledge blueprint. Other Collection Book rewards include bonuses to fusion speed, legendary fusion success chance, and various other consumables.

*As they are components, Moonstone and Runestone blueprints are not part of the Collection Book.

**Some item stats were not tracked before this update, and will thus start at 0. For others, approximations were made based on stats we were tracking.

Vanity Gear

Have you ever wanted a Ninja that actually looked like a Ninja? Tired of your Spellblades wearing Raven Masks? Look no further, Vanity Gear is here!

Unlocked in tandem with the Collection Book, the Vanity Gear system is available to all Heroes. By contributing to the Collection Book, players can make standard pieces of equipment available as special customization options for their Heroes. Vanity Gear changes the appearance of items worn by the Hero, while keeping the power and statistics of the real item “worn underneath”.

If your idea of a barbarian is a naked dude with a wooden club, then rejoice. It is now a possibility!

Here are the rules surrounding this system:

  • A blueprint must be mastered and have its Collection Book page completed to be available as Vanity Gear.

  • Once unlocked as Vanity Gear, an item can be applied to any number of Heroes.

  • Heroes can only equip Vanity Gear they can normally wear (must meet level and class requirements).

  • The appropriate slot must have an item equipped for the Vanity Gear to display. If the base equipment is removed or breaks, the Vanity Gear will automatically be re-applied as soon as a new item is equipped.

  • To equip a piece of Vanity Gear, the Hero must wear an item belonging to the same body slot. This also means that a Thief can, for example, wield a Vanity Gear dagger while actually using a bow, since they share the same body slot.

  • Accessories (aside from shields) are not available as Vanity Gear since they are not displayed on Heroes.

  • Vanity Gear are not actual items (do not take inventory space, cannot be traded or sold) and thus do not break (though the real items worn by the Hero still can).

Champion Stories

Added new stories for Argon, Lilu, Sia and Donovan.

Minor Changes

  • The player profile now tracks the player’s collection score and total Trophies earned (from guild bounties).

  • The fusion selection menu will no longer close after starting a fusion.

  • Added a market button to purchase chests on the fusion interface.

  • Various community-requested improvements to the guild request interface.

Balance Changes

  • Bounties and tasks asking for T11 items will now ask for less, to account for the inherent difficulty involved in crafting them.

  • The surcharge cost of all Luxurious and Opulent items has been significantly reduced.

  • Increased the quantity of Sigils offered in the Antique Store.

  • King Bounties asking for guns/crossbows/wands will no longer ask the player for pack blueprints they do not own.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the market menu to disappear after attempting to sort a filtered item list.

  • Fixed a bug on Steam where the new Titan Soul interface could select the wrong Hero if using hotkeys.

  • Fixed the Jeweled Music Box decoration not animating properly.

  • Fixed Sigil fusions not appearing in the Recent fusion tab.

  • Fixed a bug causing the market offer/request screen to be much taller than usual.

  • Fixed a bug causing tons of unclearable notifications to appear on the shopkeeper customization screen.

  • Fixed a bug causing Champion levels to be displayed as 16 on the quest result screen, when it should be 40.

  • Fixed a bug where blueprints not owned by the player did not correctly receive benefits from their associated ascension milestones.

  • Fixed a bug causing the King’s Caprice “Collect Rewards” popup to occasionally show up despite no rewards being available.

  • Fixed Full Moon Fusion tab appearing in the wrong order.

  • Fixed some animation issues with Sondra the Sun Dragon.

  • Fixed a missing asset for the Victorian Spring Flashback Offer.

  • Fixed item models sometimes overlapping with text when opening chests.

  • Fixed incorrect icon being used on the market for the Enchantment filter.

  • Fixed Moonstone fusions granting no Favor during the King’s Caprice event.

  • Fixed the stat summary of the Titan Soul screen not properly accounting for Seeds (and sometimes showcasing a stat reduction).

  • Fixed Quantity sorting on the Market Request screen.

  • Fixed Sensei’s innate skill description using icons for ATK instead of critical hit chance.

  • Fixed the Huaraches de Mayo sandals not animating properly on female shopkeepers

  • Fixed the Chile de Mayo and Chile de Mayo (Mild) tiles being mixed up with each other.