Bjorn to be Wild Update
Version 14.1.0 Release Notes

New Content

New Champion

The new Champion Bjorn and his companion Bamham.
The new Champion Bjorn and his companion Bamham.

Bjorn and Bamham have joined the city! This orc and boar duo acts as one and specializes in Flash Quests. Not only do they make the party extra strong while in a Flash quest, they also allow an extra attempt per Flash Quest! You’ll definitely want to take this pair along to maximize your Flash Quest rewards. Bjorn (and his buddy Bamham) will be visiting the shop of Shopkeepers of level 35 or higher.

Content Pass

To celebrate the release of this new Champion, we’re doing things a bit differently.

Instead of a Champion offer* to hire the Champion early, we’ll be running a Bjorn Content Pass. The full content pass contains enough Bjorn Tokens to hire Bjorn (and get a few ranks in). The free portion also grants some Tokens to get you started.

This Content Pass features no new exclusive content, but does include a variety of Antiques and various other rewards. New to this pass, it includes an extra Hero slot if you haven’t unlocked all of them yet.

The Bjorn Content Pass will run for 2 weeks, starting on August 8th and ending August 23rd. It is available to players of level 35 or higher. Much like the previous Content Pass, there is the exclusive Explorer title available to unlock for players who manage to complete every task.

*That offer will still be available later for people who may have missed out on the Content Pass

Minor Changes


Currently, when suggesting an item to a customer, items that closely match the item currently desired by the customer are cheaper to suggest. For example, suggesting a Superior Vorpal Sword to a customer that wishes for a Vorpal Sword, (very cheap), or a different sword to that same customer (rather cheap).

The rules have been modified to always remember the customer’s first requested item. If the customer first requested a Sword, but you suggest a Mace, further suggestions will still favor Swords (rather than maces).

Other Minor Changes

  • The Zero Waste and Crafter’s Trick talents (chance to not consume resources/components when crafting) now play an audio cue when they trigger.

  • Quest Talents now display a visual cue on the quest reward screen when their effects trigger.

  • Reward tracker for guild events (e.g. Lost City of Gold, Dragon Invasion, etc) will now focus to the end of the tracker when the event is completed.

  • When Champions request an additional food sale, both sales will trigger the Champion Coin reward screen to better communicate the fact that you’re getting double coins out of the deal.

  • Chests on the chest opening screen are now sorted in a more meaningful manner.

  • Energy from visiting guildmates will now be granted immediately upon claiming it.

  • Both halves of a Mega Pack (or the Mega Pack itself) now need to be purchased to trigger Flashback offers instead of just one part.

  • Items no longer have to be in “go to rack” mode for Reinhold to consider them. This rule was highly obscure and led to much confusion. Items still need to be on racks for him to see them, though.

  • Added red notifications leading to the Talent Tree upon unlocking it.

Balance Changes

  • The King shop visit odds has been tweaked. While he is still limited to one visit per 24h, he will generally show up faster after that delay.

  • The Phoenix Tonic blueprint now has the Phoenix spirit affinity.

  • Champions can now request items up to Tier 8 (from 7). In exchange, they’ll more frequently ask for lower tier items (up to 3 tiers lower).

King Schedule

King Reinhold’s immense generosity has seen him fit to join your ranks temporarily, arriving on August 21st and leaving the 24th.

Bug Fixes

  • Customers coming in to sell you stuff no longer have a chance to activate the Brand Loyalty talent, causing them to surcharge YOU! How did you like the taste of your own medicine, shopkeepers?

  • Fixed an issue with Flawless quality visual effects on celebration screens.

  • Fixed several items not properly displaying their quality visual effects.

  • Fixed a few other visual effects that displayed strangely.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a major event ended.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when updating guild rankings.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur after logging in after the Dragon Invasion event had ended.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur upon logging in due to stuck NPCs.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when claiming a completed task.

  • Fixed "Most Recent" sort option in Dragon Invasion supply menu sorting improperly.

  • Fixed an issue where players who have not yet participated in the current Dragon Invasion had scores from a previous Dragon Invasion.

  • Fixed a scroll positioning issue caused by progress not properly animating in Dragon Invasion reward tracker.

  • Fixed "Current Rank" in guild events displaying as 100 if your guild's rank was above 100.

  • Fixed an issue where the shine effect on rewards in event reward tracker would remain visible if you claimed the reward while it was animating.

  • Fixed Gem rewards not having tooltips in event reward trackers.

  • Fixed an issue where sound could continuously play after interacting with an event reward tracker.

  • Fixed the “Just Wing It” Talent not properly applying to Sondra’s fusions.

  • Fixed the "Friendly Favor" Talent only applying to the maximum amount of items a Champion could request; it now also applies to the minimum.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the suggest button from being utilized when selling to the King (when using the Royal Advisor talent).

  • Fixed the Moon Dragon, Sun Dragon and Scholar visitors not properly benefitting from Bartering talents.

  • Fixed erroneous talent tree tabs remaining highlighted after exiting and relogging into the game.

  • Fixed a few cases in the Market where filtering by Tier 13 would erroneously filter by Tier 12.

  • Fixed a case where customers would not properly inform the player that the counter is too busy.

  • Fixed a case where a red notification would not appear on the Food category tab of Collection Book.

  • Fixed Champion Requests not actually being fulfilled if the player attempted to use enchanted items.

  • Fixed quest outlook (the hero faces) not properly updating when adding/removing boosters.

  • Fixed various inventories (items, enchantments, special items, etc) retaining their current position when switching between them.

  • Fixed a display issue with trophy silhouettes in the Bounty menu.

  • Fixed an issue where a Pet's image did not match its currently selected species.

  • Fixed an issue where item models could appear improperly positioned when fusing.

  • Fixed an issue where the resource bar button could appear unexpectedly.

  • Fixed a display issue with affinities when viewing items in your inventory or on the Market.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cross Connect menu would be completely blank in Ukrainian.

  • Fixed an issue where the Gem cost of a furniture upgrade would sometimes appear as free.

  • Fixed an issue where the inspect button on the quest repair screen could inadvertently exit the entire screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the item value would not visually update after using the “Pay More” option when buying from a customer.

  • Fixed an issue where Champion could be misaligned when ranking up while a Familiar was equipped.

  • Fixed component quantity text on item cards wrapping to a new line in certain languages.

Coming Next

Talent Trees launched last month, and we’re happy to see everyone creating their own specializations! We’ve also been gathering feedback all this time and began preparations to act on it. In the near future, we are looking into a small update to the Crafting Tree, adding a few extra goodies to give it a stronger identity for crafting specialists. The Questing Tree will also be receiving some love in the form of a significant overhaul.

Read the hotfix update released shortly after this update.